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What you’re going to get?

Building a website boosts exposure and increases the visibility of a business. Also, it provides additional information about your company and expands the reach of your business.

The world has been digitally dominated today. It is not an option anymore to have a website but a must instead. So, if your business is not on the internet yet, you’re missing out on potential customers who are already there.

Let DFS Media build your business website. Improve your online presence and be more visible to attract possible customers.

Mobile Responsiveness

Website Design layout that adapts to the screen size of the visitors⁠—maintaining the good look of the website.

Cross-Browsing Evaluation

Consistent web design throughout different popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Customer Service Addition

Receive customer chat directly on your Facebook Messenger from your website.

Marketing Integration

Use newletter to collect visitors email via MailChimp where you can setup marketing campaigns.

Easy Navigation

Friendly user interface that guide visitors to easily check out the website.

SEO Ready

Injected with SEO fundamentals for optimum results. See SEO features below for more details.

Detailed Analytics

Monthly detailed report on the performance of website via Google Analytics.

Maintenance & Support

Includes backup and updates of plugins and themes. Support via email or chat.

Search Engine Optimization Features

Analytics Report Content


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